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Our Sports and Movies Viewing Will Be Changed by Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset

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The new virtual reality headset is not just a toy. It is much more than a toy for video gamers. The headset is set to arrive in the homes of Australian people in October. The headset is heavily promoted to show its gaming abilities. This headset is powered through the PlayStation 4 console of Sony.


Michael Ephraim, who is the entertainment boss for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for Sony Corporation says that its uses will be more in the long term. He told Fairfax Media that he has been at Sony for more than 20 years and this technology is truly a game changer. He also said, “The blue sky potential for virtual reality is massive. I think it will only be limited by the creative talents of content producers, whether its sports or movies, real estate and so on. The content world, the sports people, need to embrace this and I’m sure there are plans.”

Virtual Reality Zone
By creating the code’s first virtual reality zone in 2015, the team Port Adelaide of Australian Football League has already experimented with this technology.

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It hired the Jumpgate Virtual Reality, a virtual reality production company, to film the team finishing on Adelaide Oval for its match against the Sydney in Round 2 during the premiership season, 2015.

Then the company processed the 3D and 360-degree views imagery to give the supporter the same feeling as if they were entering a field in a packed stadium. If broadcasters of Australia followed its equivalents in the abroad countries then such an experience will soon become a part of conventional sports viewing.


America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) partnered with the Turner Sports to broadcast its first virtual reality live game in October.

Australian broadcasters, including Fox Sports and Seven West Media, have not yet exposed plans similar to the NBA. But there is no doubt that they are watching developments in virtual reality technology closely.

Best seat in the house
A range of innovative viewing techniques has already been presented by Fox Sports including the “Best Seat in the House” coverage. This technology was broadcasted through the app named Fox Sports’ NRl which allows its fans to feel the action while still remaining in their lounge rooms by using 360 degree cameras to film the game.

Ephraim said that the cinematic mode of this app allows the people to watch the video of their gaming content on a virtual 5-meter screen.

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VR Movies
Mr. Ephraim said that the exploration of virtual reality has already started by the movie studios. This technology was used in the film “The Walk” by Sony Pictures to promote this film. This film was based on a Petit’s walk as a high wire artist that walked on the high wire between the World Trade Centre in 1974. In this film, the company has given the viewers a chance to walk on the high and tight rope between the towers by using virtual reality. They say that they have the recordings of people trying it in their offices in New York and it looked so real that there were some people that were unable to take first steps on the tight rope between the two towers.

thewalk 03

Mr. Ephraim says, “There are a couple of companies that intend to have movies in VR that you will be able to download, stream, whatever and view on your headset.

“It will be very interesting to see if you play a role in the movie or you are just watching the plot unfold around you.”

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