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St. John’s Game Developers’ Ground-Breaking VR Game ‘Giant Cop’


There is a new type of video game around that promises to change your view of the world and this game is being developed at St. John. Newfoundland studio Other Ocean Interactive is developing Giant Cop, one of the world’s first commercial virtual reality games.

To play this game, players will wear a headset, similar to goggles, and change into a larger-than-life police officer, patrolling the streets of Micro City which the game is set in.

St. John

“We’re really excited to be one of the pioneers of that industry,” said Stephen Jeffers.

You can easily control the actions of giant cop with your own physical movements and tower over Micro City to solve murders, pick up bad guys and literally throw them in the city’s jail.

New frontiers

The latest trend in gaming – virtual reality is what the game portrays and developers like Other Ocean promise to offer gaming experiences that are unmatched. “It’s a really new frontier,” said producer Stephen Jeffers. “We’re really excited to be one of the pioneers of that industry.”

The VR industry is trying to expand rapidly with many big names like Sony, Facebook, HTC — launching their own VR projects. Furthermore, virtual reality is being projected to make over $1 billion in 2016 by financial advisory firm Deloitte.


Old meets new

GiantCop takes the form of a 1970s police drama and it requires the players to physically walk around their own rooms, with their actions replicated in the virtual world. In spite of the unique experience it offers, you would want to play the game continuously just because of its storytelling. “You’re in this 1970s, 1980s cop-drama,” he says. “Almost like the old TV shows. We drew a lot of inspiration from things like Starsky and Hutch and Streets of San-Francisco.”

The 1970s style of Giant Cop was set in stone from the beginning, even when Other Ocean was simply planning a normal computer game.

St. John

Stephen Jeffers says his company is at the ground floor of an exciting gaming trend. It was after getting a nudge from gaming giants, Valve, that the game’s developers switched to a virtual-reality approach.

“Once we tried it, we said VR is totally going to be the next wave, and the future, so we should jump in on this,” said studio head Ryan Hale.

The virtual-reality Giant Cop is still in pre-production, but the designers are hoping for a launch in the fall.

Modern economies

St. John

The upcoming product has generated so much buzz that his firm is already in the spotlight. Hale says. “We’re not only playing now on a local level or a national level. We are on the global scale,” he said. “We’re in early enough to get in on the ground floor of this massive industry. We want to keep people here.” He added.

The entertainment industry is different in that it doesn’t need any raw resources. That means the already existing materials have been built to last. “We hire locally, and we try to prevent any kind of brain drain going off of the island. We want to keep people here.”

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