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Stand-alone VR Headsets; the Future of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is still the trending topic in the technology industry and it is still making its rounds in the mobile and wider technology circles. A lot has been said for it and so much is still expected from this latest technological advancement.

The New Stand Alone Headsets

Just recently, HTC announced the Vive X program which is designed to aid and fast track the development of VR content specifically for the HTC Vive system which offers arguably the latest and most engaging virtual reality experience in the industry.


The HTC Vive, however, is likely to have fierce competition in the market as more and more companies are beginning to manufacture equally powerful headsets or perhaps more powerful with a lot of features and more importantly, stand alone. These stand-alone headsets that do not require tethering to a PC or smartphone are well placed to take over the market. The Samsung Gear VR is one of such new entrants that is standalone.


In the latest developer conference organized by Samsung in San Francisco, they announced the news that they are working on a stand-alone virtual reality headset which is a massive step away from the already available Gear VR headset. This improvement is massive because the Gear VR not only requires a tether to another PC or smartphone but it is highly selective in that it will only work with select Galaxy devices.


One thing of note, however, that is the new stand-alone VR gear will take some time before it becomes available to consumers. This is because Samsung is exploring ways in which it can incorporate features like positional, hand and gesture tracking into the system. This will enable Samsung compete better with more high end products like the Vive and still maintain the Gear VR’s ability to work without stationary positioning of the unit.

Google Also Making Plans to Unveil A Stand Alone Option


News from the rumor mill is that Google also is currently developing their own stand-alone virtual reality gear as well. There is a lot of speculation that this new VR headset will become available before the year runs out. If they manage to release it before Samsung does, it will be a big move on their part having first hit the market with their higher end stand-alone headset but it is still all speculation at this time and it could sway any way. Some other rumors indicate that Google might delay the release until next year most likely due to the same issues that Samsung is presently worried about with their own stand-alone option. Whatever the case may be, with Google’s I/O conference set to hold in May, it is more likely that we will get more details on Google’s virtual reality plans and we can have an idea in which direction they are working.


The standalone feature that these virtual reality giants are now investing in will come as a huge success for the consumer in the VR market as it frees them of prior restrictions that were attached to the older versions. You need not worry anymore about the scary cost of getting a VR headset and accompanying compatible devices to make it work. With the new stand-alone VR headsets, you will be free to make your choice from all the tech gear that is in the market.

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