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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Could Be The Reason For The Sale Of PlayStation VR

star wars battlefront vr

The Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, John Koller is of the opinion that full pack entertainment games such as the highest rated game of Star Wars Battlefront will be a reason for the game owners to go spend and buy the PlayStation VR.

He has explained this phenomenon in his words as, “We are working with EA, DICE, Lucasfilm, and Disney to try and make that experience something so special and so intrinsic to what’s in many people’s DNA, which is how can I be in that world of Star Wars Battlefront is going to be one of those games that will really show gamers what it means to be in the world of VR. It’s very special. And just by the nature of it being designed as a VR experience, it’s going to be very different than the PlayStation 4 game.”

An analyst, Michael Pachter, from the firm Wedbush Securities, has given an estimate of the selling of the PlayStation VR. It is estimated that around 2 million will be available as soon the headset is launched. It is said to launch on October 31st, 2016. It’s estimated that the sales will rise up so high that it might reach up to 5 million sales the whole year as they will be sold through Amazon, GameStop and Wal-Mart among many other stores. But he has said, “Typical pre-order supply is 20% of launch quantity, so 400,000 is reasonable for pre-order volume. It’s possible that they took fewer orders early in order to gauge manufacturing plans, so maybe only half that figure early. We’ll see if there are more units available for pre-order this summer.”

Sony executives believe that once you start playing with the VR headset, and play the Star Wars Battlefront which has sold about 12 million of copies, you would not want to take off your headset. Therefore, the Star Wars Battlefront is absolutely expected to boost up the sale for the VR headset.

There are approximately 36 million PlayStation 4 users, and therefore Sony has its expectations up high for PlayStation VR and VR games.

Koller has explained, “The role of exclusive VR games is a little different than what we see in the general console space, for example, I don’t believe that there needs to be one particular killer app. There can be a range of killer apps. VR is so personal. It really depends on what experience that person wants and what they think is really great. That’s different than our (console) platform launches, where you generally can say ‘that’s the game’ (that will help drive hardware sales).”

Koller added, “Star Wars is a great example of something that we will really own during that launch period. But over time there will be games that launch, where we’ve been helping with the development process, that will be most special on PlayStation VR, whether it’s exclusive or not. It’s going to be best played on PlayStation VR.”

There are around 50 PlayStation games which will be released with the VR headset and if users who were at the Game Developers Conference represent what the masses will think, then those who will be viewing VR for the first time, should love the PlayStation VR headset and accompanying games.

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