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The StarVR Headset Could Revolutionize Theme Park Roller Coasters


With the new partnership between Starbreeze and Acer, we are about to see a high-end StarVR headset. This partnership between Acer and the Swedish game company Starbreeze will give birth to the new virtual reality headset that could completely revolutionize the future of theme parks. Acer will be working with Starbreeze to create this unusually looking device that is capable of a much higher field of view and better resolution than some of the leading consumer VR devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

StarVR Headset Seeks to Redefine the Theme Park Industry

Here’s how Starbreeze and Acer’s new release will change the way we have fun at theme parks.

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StarVR Headset

StarVR Compared to Other Headsets

These devices usually have a relatively narrow field of view through which the user can see virtual reality worlds thus affecting the immersive experience. StarVR headset has a 210-degree field of view, and it covers all parts of the users vision, creating a more vivid and real virtual reality experience. The advanced technology implemented on the StarVR makes it stand out in a class of its own and this may well affect the availability to consumers in terms of price.



StarVR Launch and Applications

They launched the StarVR during the E3 electronics expo back in 2015, and they have one ahead to create a few VR experiences ever since. This new collaborative effort will allow them exploit Acer’s hardware expertise and make it easier to mass-produce the devices. According to a press release on the partnership, the StarVR will be focused on “professional and location-based entertainment market,” which implies that you probably can’t use it in your living room.

The StarVR will be utilized in theme parks, cinemas, and other fields where live experiences can be made even better with virtual reality. With the recently opened Galactica, the first VR roller coaster released by Alton Towers, the technology will gradually spread to various other parks across the world. With the field of view and better resolution on offer, it will make for an excellent device in these kinds of experience.

VR Headset

Due to the price of the StarVR 5K screens and the very powerful computer required to run it, the headset will be well out of reach for most average consumers, making it a more professional and commercial device. The bottom line is that with this new headset, a whole new horizon of virtual reality experiences is open to whoever is lucky enough to experience it.

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