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Story Narration is Changing, Thanks to VR and AR

AR and VR

Through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the art of story narration is going to change drastically. Stories will be told differently according to panelists who shed some light on how VR will change all this. Alistair Thompson, Vice President of The Mill, said that it’s constantly changing.




The other panelists were Ninan Eapen Chundamannil (a senior Business Manager at NVIDIA), Ketan Mehta (Indian movie director), Vamsi Ayyangari (the executive manager of MPC Films and Rishi Ahuja (managing director of Sunovatech Group).

As a movie creator, Mehta shared his experience and he said that a creative mind will have its dots connected through technology since it has completely changed how people think. It will change how we experience content and we’re just now towards the early stages.

Chundamannil said that VR can be used a lot in the medical field. He gave an example of a brain surgeon who wants to perform a surgery and so he turns to technology to help him have the ability to perform this delicate surgery well and avoid taking the life of his patient. He said, in the automobile industry, virtual reality is widely used if cars are not available on the display. By using VR technology, an individual is given the ability to view a car and its performance.


Ayyangari added that “While Augmented Reality (AR) will focus on information and communications, Virtual Reality (VR) will focus on entertainment and motion.”

Virtual Reality will determine how a person will live, that’s at least what Ahuja thinks. He said, “Virtual reality is behavior related. It determines how you’re going to live your life in the future.”

Clearly there are different views as to how VR will evolve and impact people.


Watch the video below



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