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The Strides Comvita is making in the VR Industry

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Virtual reality is the trending topic now and with VR experiences becoming increasingly popular and a regular at events, so many questions are raised. It has found applications is so many diverse areas of technology, entertainment, art and design and it is now being launched at Comvita stores in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty. This pairing is a bit unusual with the health products company and virtual reality coming together to do something together.


The general idea of VR is that users can put on a headset and headphones and experience a fully immersive situation where the real life outside world is completely shut off from their view. This is quite exciting also as people can now experience worlds that are completely different from their day to day.

Applications of VR have been much diversified and they range from movies to gaming and to art and this technology places the user in full control of what he experiences. Comvita is making use of Samsung VR technology to give their customers a fly over experience of the Kaimanawa ranges where the company gets some of its Manuka honey from.


Being able to fly over a spectacular part of a country from the comfort of your sitting room can be quite mind blowing. The footage for virtual reality content is filed with six GoPros from the bottom of the helicopter and this gives the 360-degree views of the surroundings. To have access to all of the scenery is quite cool.


One problem with the technology, however, is that fact that it produces a slightly grainy picture that doesn’t do enough justice to the beauty of the natural environment and it sometimes feel like you’re too close to a cinema screen at the theater.

Filming for the VR experience started last December and featured six GoPros hanging off the bottom Stuff

Comvita general manager of ICT, Dan Waugh acknowledges the technology isn’t at the promise land yet but he believes with time we will get there. “Ideally, we’d love to take every person [to the Kaimanawa ranges and bee hives] and show them but that’s just not practical. This is the next best thing to be able to really get that sense of where we get our product from.”

That’s the crux of it all from Comvita. Virtual reality helps them tell the story of where 40,000 pots of honey that they produce per week comes from and through that the pleasure to gives its customers. This is the authenticity that they are looking for. Waugh says in the future they would like to show customers Comvita’s olive tree farms in Brisbane. This is where they source their olive leaf extract.


Despite the relatively underwhelming experience right now, innovation in technology is only improving and new ideas are becoming reality and changing the game on a daily basis. With the innovation at the core of Comvita’s goal to become a $400 million company by 2020, there is no doubt that the company will go wherever the technology takes it.



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