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Students Explore the Solar System with VR Spaceship


850 students were treated to a virtual reality experience in a tour of the solar system. Students of St. Xavier’s School in Jaipur, India were recently lectured about the solar system through cutting edge virtual reality (VR) technology at the school’s auditorium. Kompanions, a Gurgaon-based organization organized VR gadgets for the students.

Virtual reality, also known as immersive multimedia, is a computer technology that reproduces the image of an environment and makes a user feel like they are in it. In other words, it simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow user interaction. VR was first endorsed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.



In the video presentation, students found themselves boarding a space ship from the comfort of their school environment and exploring planets of solar system one by one, followed by information and trivia. Overjoyed students were seen talking about the solar system with their friends and sharing what they have learned during the experience.


“I have seen videos of Mark Zuckerberg explaining virtual reality experience but this was the first time when we witnessed the phenomenon. The presentation was very informative but most importantly fun-based,” said Ayush, a Class 5 student.

Madhurya, a student of Class 12 said the technology is beneficial for studies in fields of physics, genetics, molecular biology, medical science and information technology. “VR allows better vision and is beneficial in the field of medical science as it allows the surgeon to dissect a body in virtual reality,” said Madhurya.

“Use of technology enhances our interest in learning. Through virtual reality, we aim to develop interest in students towards fun-based knowledge,” said Dilip Srivastava, organizer.

See the video below



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