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StyleHaul, Millennial Moms and VR

It is very apparent that StyleHaul is diversifying on the recognition of millennials in the field of virtual reality and mom-geared content.

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Speaking at the presentation of NewFront on Tuesday, Los Angeles-based fashion and lifestyle digital network stated that it is stretching out through accumulating a millennial mom vertical and a diverse and numerous new series, as well as one in the virtual reality sector.

It was, however, accounted that millennium mom-geared content is now fast emerging as at last year.

Most of those in the StyleHaul’s group of 6,500 originators have factually increased and are beginning to form some relationship, and that is if they are not in any form of relationship already.

An estimated figure of around 900 StyleHaul inventors created motherhood/mom content, which generates monthly views of about 40 million.

“Our community is growing up,” Sean Horvath, StyleHaul’s chief innovation officer, stated.

YouTuber Mindy McKnight was on stage some days ago at Brandcast, in which she spoke extensively about how she has been able to successfully gather an incredible amount of followers on diverse channels. (Including one for Millennial moms).

At StyleHaul’s staging, McKnight was accompanied by husband and twin daughters Brooklyn and Bailey, to which each of them shared some detailed explanation on how they’ve successfully built a huge fans as a family ever since Mindy released her first channel Cute Girl Hairstyles.

StyleHaul also disclosed that with these originators on content that “goes beyond parenting and focuses on honest, multidimensional video full of ‘life hacks’ to help viewers find balance in their lives as new moms.” StyleHaul stated that it is homing in on VR.

There will, however, be a launch of a VR series based on Lauren Miller’s young adult book, Free to Fall. The episodes by the platform, which will also involve in a feature of 360-degree section and each will run for the period of 22 minutes.

“Free to Fall is one of the first examples of a 360 experience being fully immersed as part of a narrative story,” StyleHaul Chief Content Officer Mia Goldwyn said.

A sequence of artist Pia Mia throughout her time as the inventive director for Madonna’s fashion line Material Girl will follow suit as well.


Welcome to the chaotic future of wearable electronics: devices that promise to connect real to digital lives seamlessly. These gadgets are rapidly multiplying, and within five years there could be half a billion devices strapped onto, or even embedded in, human bodies. Today, the most familiar gadgets are fitness trackers and smart watches, which monitor health.

A program has also been announced in partnership with BMG called, the program is expected to bring together many sectors of life including fashion, beauty and music together in one “experiential program.”

The partnership is also expected to involve BMG’s rising stars as well as StyleHaul creators to create unique content.
Grammy-nominated artist Andra Day, who show cased her talent at YouTube’s Brandcast some days ago, stopped by to perform and facilitate the promotion of the new series.

Day, who launched her entertaining career on the YouTube platform, will be the initial maker to take part in Collide.

The company in addition is using the opportunity to promote their fresh proprietary platforms that provide trademark clients the occasion to custom build digital and social campaigns.

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