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Sulon Q: VR Headset

A lot of sophisticated virtual reality headsets that are made public this year need a sophisticated, expensive system to produce the 3-D settings they guarantee, upping the overall price and basically restraining the person that put it on to a tight choice of movement. Sulon Technologies, a company in Toronto, assures a different thing, with its Sulon Q “wear and play” headset, looking forward to be introduced later in the spring.

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A complete system using Windows 10 Operating System will be installed into its glasses, “Our device is completely wireless,” says Kibaya Njenga, project manager.

The untethered

One other thing that is also fascinating about Salon Q is its root in ‘’Mixed Reality”

Instead of just deepen the bearer into an artificial Virtual universe, Salon Q, has a “spartial processing unit” which utilizes cameras placed at the front to established a 3D map of the bearer’s authentic surroundings and locate the person’s position in that place. The cameras also recorgnize gestures, thereby, cancelling the necessity for a different controller or gloves to operate in the virtual atmosphere.


Dhan Balachandreswaran, the company’s President had a desire of “living a video game”that has human body as its driver instead of some external devises. According to Njekar, “A lot of research and development has been tied back to that vision,” he adds. In addition to being able to play games, however, the Sulon Q can be used as a general purpose computer, since it runs on a well-known operating system”.

No particular date has been announced yet for the release and price of Solon Q bearable VR computer as declared by Njekar.

He included that the company is happy to make their “really unique and really cool” product to the general public.
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Sulon Q



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