Sybrillo – VR Enhanced Remote Controlled Gimbal for GoPro

Sybrillo – VR Remote Controlled Gimbal for GoPro

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Sybrillo – a GoPro stabilizer whose initial campaign was launched yesterday – merges a variety of modern technologies into what they believe to be “the most versatile GoPro accessory”.

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Uncertain times at GoPro

The future of GoPro is still not very obvious. The company is in a bit of financial crisis and there is a wide diversity of other options out there. This has not halted a large number of GoPro-related products from continuing to appear on a lot of crowd-funding programs of course. The Hungarian team behind Sybrillo, however, appears to have set out to merge all their different features and more into a single, all-round product.

Introducing Sybrillo

At its very core, Sybrillo is a 3-axis gimbal for GoPro. Its form factor is that of a mount rather than a camera-on-a-stick alternative, just like other competitors out there. It works with all regular GoPro accessories and it is also tripod-mountable.

Sybrillo steadily begins to pull ahead of the rest with its remote motion control abilities. At least, they are heading in a different direction. For example, the REMOVU – A competitor on the Indiegogo side of the fence which we covered here – attains remote control through the removable handle, the Sybrillo makes use of a smartphone application contributing up to 20 meters of wireless control.



There are a couple of pros to not depending on a joystick for live motion control. The Sybrillo application permits you to rapidly enter (and save) variables, attaining repeatable camera movements without any skill of programming.
The programmable motion also has added advantages of opening up the probability of creating motion time-lapse photography with your GoPro, alongside spherical 360-degree photos.

Making use of available technology, one can also use a VR headset, Google Cardboard, or the similar VR set included with every Sybrillo to take charge of the direction of the camera. This takes the control away from your fingertips, making room for the camera to follow the action in whatever direction you move your head. It will be enjoyable to witness the outcome of this sort of motion control when unified with other concurrent movements, for example when the camera is mounted on top of a helmet or drone (if the range permits).


For the physical features, the housing on the Sybrillo will be made of a high strength polymer. This is perfect if the product is to undergo typical GoPro situations. In addition to that, it is waterproof below 1 meter of water for about 30 minutes.

Current tests on the detachable battery report a range of 2 – 3 hours of battery life. However, the team claims that they will continually attempt to optimize the efficiency throughout development. They most definitely have enough time for that as the Sybrillo’s development and manufacturing processes will take all of 2016, with a proposed shipping date in March 2017.

To cap it all, Sybrillo definitely appears to be like an enjoyable, capable and robust product. With a retail price of $400, it will be comparatively close to competitors such as REMOVU. Make sure to look at their Kickstarter campaign as soon as it becomes available for some serious discounts, with early bird prices fixed at only $179.

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