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Web Apps Accessibility from VR HMD with ‘V’

  Enthusiastic early adopters are beginning to gain access to Virtual reality hardware. It is a medium with great futuristic potentials, but the industry needs to break the barrier of…

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Some of the AR and VR Companies to Look Out for in 2016’s SVVR Expo

  Virtual reality and augmented reality have been getting a lot of attention from gaming and entertainment industries but there are still a number of businesses that are working on…

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Virtual Reality Showcase Enhanced Displays At A Recent Exhibition Conference

  Welcome to the new VR world Virtual stores, virtual worlds, immersive conditions, 360-degree cameras, engineer tools and more were on display at one of the greatest event that was…

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vr room

We Need More Safe Spaces in Virtual Reality

  Technology is powerful and this power can be harnessed for good or for evil depending on who is using it. Our human nature guarantees that we find ways to…

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social vr

Virtual Realiy Social Revolution

  One moment you can be on a beach talking with a friend of yours and the next moment you could be in an international class studying a foreign language…

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vr women harrassed

Women Sexually Harassed in Virtual Reality

  Altspace VR is a “cross platform virtual environment” which was released on the Oculus Rift this April. It’s set to be a large company as it offers immersive multi…

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virtual reality

Some of the Best VR Games Recently Released

  With excitement mounting around the amazing PC-based VR headsets that are right around the bend, it’s almost easy to put the mobile Gear VR in the past. But Oculus’ new headset still has…

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htc vive vr gear

HTC Vive: The Complete Review with Long Details

The HTC Vive has all the components to compete and challenge the Oculus Rift, including the ability to walk around in the virtual reality space, 6DoF hand controllers, and the…

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