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Exhibitions and Virtual Reality

Except you are not from this world or you are stuck somewhere in a million years back, then you will know that pone of the hottest pieces of technology right…

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Oculus Rift Stores Stock Up Even as Pre-Orders Diminish, Consumers Were Irritated

  There had been controversies trailing the Oculus Rift, one of the foremost robust commercially accessible virtual reality devices we have at the moment, just when Facebook-owned Oculus declared their…

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ps4 vr

These 2 Upcoming PlayStation’s Single-Player Games Will Blow Your Mind

  The PlayStation Virtual Reality headset will be ‘set loose’ in October, 2016, and it as of now appears as though it will be a huge success. As an evidence…

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meta 2

Meta 2, the Augmented Reality Headset

  The Silicon Valley VR conference kicks off this week in San Jose, California, and like most tech conferences, you’re equally likely to bump into a tech company representative giving…

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Amazon Logo

Amazon Forays into Original Virtual Reality Content

  Virtual reality and its content has been making its rounds in many sectors of entertainment, business and art and Amazon is finally delving into virtual reality original content. They…

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university of hartford

University Using VR To Entice Potential Students

  The University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business (the Barney School) recently released a VR program with the hopes of bringing in students who were accepted in the class…

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vr shoping

Virtual Reality Shopping and Commerce

  Shopify has shown that it is keeping an eye out for important industry trends by including a VR display. An indication that Shopify CEO, Tobi Lütke, is incredibly passionate…

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vr shopping

Virtual Reality Showrooms Bring the Store To You

  How much will you pay if you’re a loyal customer of a business? Is it $10? $100? $1,000? For example, some people pay Amazon up to $100 per year…

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virtual reality headset

Why Virtual Reality Web May Be A Long Way Away

Wouldn’t it be cool to browse the internet in virtual reality? Imagine how amazing that could be. Instead of hyperlinks taking you to Wikipedia pages talking about history, you could…

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media industry in vr

Media Industry May Look to Virtual Reality

Can virtual reality turn into the next huge initiative for the media industry? The media industry has had a tough time of generating excitement amongst young people. VR could possibly…

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