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Apple Inc., a Pioneer of Virtual Reality?

Not many might be aware of it, but Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) introduced QuickTime VR in 1995, a period when the concept of virtual reality itself would have been considered out…

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Exhibitions and Virtual Reality

Except you are not from this world or you are stuck somewhere in a million years back, then you will know that pone of the hottest pieces of technology right…

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North Korea Trying Out VR Technology Development

North Korea’s recently built science technology development center has operating offices for virtual reality (VR) scientific innovation, pictures acquired by NK News indicate, with an up to date report article…

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HTC’s Sales Drop, Company Now Hoping to Bank on Virtual Reality

The smartphone maker based in Taiwan hopes its sales could be revived by its Virtual Reality headset. It’s not very difficult to see why HTC is placing all its hope…

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healthcare vr

Virtual Reality Makes it Into the Operating Room

A medical doctor based in London carries out the first ever known live stream of a complete surgical operation in virtual reality. All that is required to get this experience…

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samsung vr gear

Samsung Looks Into Wireless VR Headset

  Samsung sees Star Trek when it thinks about the future of virtual reality, literally. Injong Rhee, official VP and head of R&D for programming and administrations in Samsung’s mobile…

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virtual reality and mobile gaming

How Virtual Reality Will Likely Influence Mobile Gaming

  Mobile gaming is currently one of the most lucrative gaming market, one that has an ever increasing number of users. With the rapid development of mobile technology, the popularity…

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china flag

Why China Is Key to the Future of Virtual Reality

  Shenzhen, China, was last week the venue of the first CE China trade show, which was produced by IFA, the German company that also produces the giant IFA CE…

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vr cardboard

Virtual Reality Might Not Be the Next Big Thing; Here’s Why The “Next Big Thing” Doesn’t Always Become So Big

  About four years ago, 3D-printing touted as “Industrial Revolution 2.0”. Consequently, stocks like 3D Systems and Stratasys soared, based on hopes that the growing technology would make the transition…

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virtual augmented reality

The Israeli VR and AR Startup Landscape

  Virtual reality along with augmented reality are still in their infancy, and, depending on who you ask – venture capitalists, analysts, visionaries, tech enthusiasts, sociologists, etc. – you’ll get…

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