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Virtual Reality Positioning to be the Next Tool of Escape at 30,000 Feet

Airplane Passengers Had a Taste of VR Lost in reverie at 30,000 feet used to involve a little dose of drug or downing a couple mini bottles of wine, but…

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Sydney Film Festival: VR Trip Through Wonderland Awaiting Audiences

It was pure entertainment at the world premiere film regarding native women bodybuilders, which features rebranding of virtual reality with respect to Alice in Wonderland including an outback thriller involving…

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Beyond Apple Pay: MasterCard looks to Virtual Reality, Other Tech Innovations

  Credit card giant MasterCard is banking on what it believes is an imminent surge in Australians adopting tap and go payments on their smartphones. It is, however, looking past…

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Virtual Reality as an Instrument for Social Change

  Virtual reality (VR) is here and has already been described by many as “revolutionary” and the “next big thing” in technology. Its applications consist of not just entertainment and…

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Museum of Modern Arts Using Virtual Reality

  The Museum of Modern Arts is now getting into virtual reality through an exhibition titled, Slithering Screen. It’s a five day series that will show viewers original films that…

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News Corp Is Taking a Bold Step with Augmented and Virtual Reality

  Augmented reality is steadily becoming the next major component in consumer engagement and interaction. It has found a lot of its potential utilized in real estate and gaming and…

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vr products

University’s Incubator Helps Students Create VR Products

  At the University of Rochester Student Incubator, large ideas can be developed into new amazing products in a small space. NullSpace VR, which is one of the companies that…

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Wildlife Preservation with the Help of Virtual Reality

  Virtual reality has found application in so many diverse fields and wildlife preservation and observation is one of the major areas where it is being utilized. The technology has…

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vr fest

Virtual Reality Festival Traveling Across the World

  Kaleidoscope is a festival that’s calling itself “the best in virtual reality film, art, and immersive experiences”. The festival is touring the world and is essentially equivalent to a…

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vr marine life

Great Barrier Reef Virtual Reality Tour

  David Attenborough is a documentary maker and naturalist. He’s now working on virtual reality via his “First Life VR” which is being shown in Sydney, Australia at the Australian…

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