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Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and the World of Virtual Reality

Personalities from hip-hop dance, military marchers, and daredevils in winged suits are luring Internet titans in China into the world of virtual reality. A lot of these video stars have…

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Alibaba’s Youku Reaches VR Agreement with Digital Domain Holdings

Youku, a video streaming platform, which is a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has reached an agreement to acquire and develop virtual reality (VR) content from Digital Domain Holdings….

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Virtual Reality Art Show View with the Body

The first people who get to explore the rare potentials of new technology are artists and through most of the modern times, theorists gave more importance to word than images,…

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Korea Welcomes Virtual Reality Room

The upcoming launch of the first VR Bang (room) in Korea where visitors are guaranteed the experience of virtual reality is said to be holding in a month’s time. Thus,…

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This New Console Has a VR Component Way Cheaper Than Playstation VR

Fuze Entertainment is releasing a new home console in the Chinese market later this year called the Fuze F1. This new console will not only get into the market to…

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New Report About VR Spin-Off Nose-Dives HTC Shares

  Today, the shares of HTC on the Taipei stock exchange nose-dived; it dropped 10%, the maximum allowable in a day. This was believed to be investors’ reaction to the…

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Rumors Abound That HTC is Preparing to Spin Off the VR Division

  While bits of gossip are just the same old thing going on inside the corporate world, today’s gossip tidbits leaving HTC appears to have legs move around. The gossip…

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ENTiTi Creator

ENTiTi Creator: Now Anyone Can Easily Create VR Content

  Think about pointing your phone at your new washing machine to get an augmented reality startup lesson on how to use the machine and touring a not yet completed…

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china flag

Why China Is Key to the Future of Virtual Reality

  Shenzhen, China, was last week the venue of the first CE China trade show, which was produced by IFA, the German company that also produces the giant IFA CE…

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taiwan skyscrapers

Taiwan Market in VR “Frenzy”

  Virtual reality isn’t just buzzing and growing in the United States. It’s doing so in many parts of the world. In Taiwan, Taipei City’s Department of Economic Development noted…

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