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How to Get the Disney Experience Without Moving Around

Disney hasn’t been in the publishing front for a while and their support for Disney Infinity may have waned, but the PC gaming market is where their interests lie now….

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Disney Movies VR App

New Disney Movies VR App Lets You Explore the Exciting World of Disney Films

Virtual reality has become the trend nowadays. We see it everywhere, being used in many different fields that range from entertainment to news, travel, even education, and healthcare. And now the film…

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Asobo Studio: Lessons From the Frontline of HoloLens Development

The boundless flow of new products is at once thrilling and terrifying for game developers today. A lot of people are playing a lot more games, and the stand through…

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Samsung Gear VR Used by Over 1 Million People Last Month

  You must have heard or used Virtual Reality before, and you thought that this new technology will not hold its ground in the market. Some tech giants think differently,…

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Is Disney Sitting on Top of a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity?

Disney recently experienced a plunge in its media business which is making investors skeptical about buying stock in the company, but it still doesn’t mean Disney’s stock cannot be held…

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Walt Disney Co Could Get a Real Boost from Nokia VR Partnership

  Walt Disney Co was recently in the news for signing a partnership with Nokia Corp that could put both companies in the forefront of the burgeoning virtual reality market….

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The Impact of Disney’s Choice Camera for Virtual Reality Content

  Disney has signed a multi-year deal to produce 360-degree content for films, marketing materials, and other purposes using Nokia’s Ozo cameras. Disney has previously used the $60,000 Ozo, which,…

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virtual reality gear

Long-Term Adverse Effects of Virtual Reality Debated

  Should virtual reality headsets carry warning labels? That was the suggestion made at FMX, the animation and effects conference that opened Tuesday in Stuttgart, Germany by one of the…

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Disney Is Making Arrangements To Bring its Audiences To the Set of Their Favorite Movies

  We’ve all seen a ton of movies over the years and the experience is fun. With the recent introduction of virtual reality technology, this experience has been taken to…

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jungle book vr

Creating Virtual Reality Experiences in ‘The Jungle Book’ with VFX Supervisor Keith Miller

  Disney invested over $60 million in the Virtual Reality start-up company Jaunt in September, it was another sign that the once-dormant format was back on the upswing. It wasn’t…

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