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VR for Good

Oculus Launches a New Initiative, ‘VR for Good’

Oculus just announced their new initiative, VR for Good. The company owned by Facebook expects that this new initiative will assist nonprofit organizations and societies to utilize virtual reality as…

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Jaron Lanier

Virtual Reality Pioneer Fears About the Future of the Technology

Many would expect that Jaron Lanier, whose work and seemingly endless years of research culminated in what we have now come to know as virtual reality technology, would be beaming with…

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Apple Inc VR

Apple Inc., a Pioneer of Virtual Reality?

Not many might be aware of it, but Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) introduced QuickTime VR in 1995, a period when the concept of virtual reality itself would have been considered out…

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Hyper-Reality: Film Examines the Integration of Physical Reality with AR and VR

A new film called Hyper-Reality has been making waves recently, but what exactly is it about? Here’s what you need to know about this eye-opening movie. Technology is evolving at…

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Virtual Reality Stocks

Top 3 Virtual Reality Stocks on the Market

Augmented and virtual reality stocks were named the next mega tech themes through 2030 by investment bank Piper Jaffray using the rate of growth of smartphones as a yardstick. The Top…

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VR users

If You Think VR Is Just a Fad, Think Again

A lot of individuals out there have heard about virtual reality. And more VR users are popping out of nowhere, but still, there are yet some who think it’s just…

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The Mini Documentaries of Oculus has Successfully Developed Virtual Reality Beyond Games

The Reason 360-Degree Cameras Are Now 2016’s Must-Have Travel Companion

The new 360-degree photos and the videos that enable you to get a view of the subject from all possible angles have really got travel photographers and videographers going wild. Nowadays, these videos…

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Virtual Reality Job Positions on the Increase

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming one of the existing and flourishing sectors of the technology industry nowadays. It is expected to experience an explosion in the future based on adding…

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Samsung’s Gear VR Recorded One Million Users Last Month

Oculus, Facebook-owned subsidiary, made public in its blog post that almost one million people used Samsung’s Gear VR headset last month. Such a figure is an indication that the number…

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Samsung Gear: VR Arsenal Gets Bigger

In an effort to transform the technological curiosity into a cultural phenomenon, Virtual reality specialist Oculus, is trying to amaze consumers by adding more entertainment and educational options to the…

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