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Acer and Starbreeze VR Headset

Acer and Starbreeze Join StarVR Headset Project

The head-mounted display of StarVR will first target the entertainment industry and theme parks. A consumer version might be offered later on. The designing, building, marketing, and promoting of the…

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Samsung Gear: VR Arsenal Gets Bigger

In an effort to transform the technological curiosity into a cultural phenomenon, Virtual reality specialist Oculus, is trying to amaze consumers by adding more entertainment and educational options to the…

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VR Desktop On Your Phone

“The Marvel by Finman”, an Indigogo campaign seems to be the first to make a play at creating a virtual reality (VR) operating system (OS). There have been several platforms…

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How Healthcare Organizations are Adapting Virtual Reality

There is a lot of conversation about the benefits of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare. It is already being used in robotic surgery and new devices, but researchers are looking…

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VR for Kids

VR Entertainment for Kids

Samsung’s Gear VR’s finest apps are quite stress-free to install and users can now have an immersive enjoyable experience. However, apart from gaming and movie-watching, a person can as well…

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Vrse CEO Talks Citizen Kane and Virtual Reality

  “Citizen Kane does not come in year two of VR.” Chris Milk, the esteemed virtual reality filmmaker/documentarian/founder/CEO, discussed the limitations and the massive times of potential for the proliferation…

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The Magic in Tech Is Evident in VR and HTC Vive

More often than not, something amazing unexpectedly comes along, something that has never been seen before and it seems like magic to everyone- A product that takes us into the…

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nextvr coldplay

Live Concerts Could Be A Big Use of VR

  Much content has been written about what will be the killer use of virtual reality other than gaming. E-commerce, professional sports, and Armchair tourism are regularly coming out as…

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lg 360 vr

How Does the LG 360 VR Compare In The Market?

  All the tech giants seem to be having a crack at this virtual reality thing and LG is not about to be left out. So the Korean electronics giants…

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microsoft hololens

What makes Microsoft’s Hololens Stand Out?

  Amongst all of the tech products that have been reviewed in the past, very few of them come close to the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality glasses. The Hololens is…

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