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Youtube Now Offers VR

YouTube Now Offers VR Support for Google Cardboard

Some months ago, Google provided VR support for its YouTube consumers on the Android platform and now they have gone in the same direction for iOS user. Along with the…

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Virtual Reality Experience

The Economist and The Guardian Launch Their Own Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual reality is an experience desired by many but can only afforded by a few. Some print media companies are trying to change all that. The Guardian and The Economist…

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VR Tour to Pluto

Portable VR Takes You on a Tour to Pluto

In case you are unaware, fasten your seat belt and get your Google Cardboards ready, because it’s time to take a 3D direct trip to Pluto. Portable VR Makes Trip…

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Google Latest Virtual Reality

Daydream, Google’s Latest Virtual Reality Effort

The Google Cardboard has been here for years already. It is cheap basic accessory used in combination with an Android phone to view virtual reality content. The virtual reality industry has…

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VR Sketchfab Now Allows You to Explore 750,000 3D Models Using Any VR Headsets

Recently, Sketchfab, the platform well-known for allowing users to share and view 3D models, has improved its virtual reality ability, which allows users to view 3D models using any VR…

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Virtual Reality

VR and Marketing: Making It Count

With the amount of saturation that the world has now received when it comes to the very concept of technology, it would not be shocking to see that right now,…

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Jaron Lanier

Virtual Reality Pioneer Fears About the Future of the Technology

Many would expect that Jaron Lanier, whose work and seemingly endless years of research culminated in what we have now come to know as virtual reality technology, would be beaming with…

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Ultimately Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Will Change the World, Brian May Opines

Dr. Brian May, while addressing a small cinema room full of tech and music journalists about a new product involving his rock band Queen and virtual reality, says, “The whole VR…

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VR and Interior Design

VR and Interior Design

We don’t often hear VR and interior design being talked about in the same conversation. Although these two don’t seem like completely different worlds, the idea of using virtual reality…

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Storytelling Tool for Marketers

VR Emerges as Ultimate Storytelling Tool for Marketers

Dominic Collins knows a thing or two about the power of virtual reality, so it was definitely a good news when he was introduced as the speaker at the 2016 event…

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