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This VR Lenses Lab Smashes Its Kickstarter Objectives

VR Lens Lab has been running a Kickstarter campaign for its lens connectors. These connectors allow you to add prescription lenses to your VR headset. The Kickstarter campaign was very…

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This New Console Has a VR Component Way Cheaper Than Playstation VR

Fuze Entertainment is releasing a new home console in the Chinese market later this year called the Fuze F1. This new console will not only get into the market to…

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Web Apps Accessibility from VR HMD with ‘V’

  Enthusiastic early adopters are beginning to gain access to Virtual reality hardware. It is a medium with great futuristic potentials, but the industry needs to break the barrier of…

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htc vive vr gear

HTC Vive: The Complete Review with Long Details

The HTC Vive has all the components to compete and challenge the Oculus Rift, including the ability to walk around in the virtual reality space, 6DoF hand controllers, and the…

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virtual reality origin

Where Did Virtual Reality Originate?

In 1938, Antonin Artaud explained the misapprehension nature of characters and objects in the show business as “la realite virtuelle” in an assortment of essays Le Theatre et son double….

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Virtual Reality Pc

Specs for Building a PC for Virtual Reality

  How powerful does your PC need to be to work with virtual reality? Virtual reality for the desktop requires an impressive system and is an expensive technology. However, the…

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vr gear

What is Virtual Reality Gear?

Virtual Reality Gear refers to the gear and devices that people use to experience virtual reality. This includes: Data gloves Data suits Workbenches Virtual reality glasses or goggles Joysticks Head…

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Hololens in the past

Virtual Reality History

We get to look at how virtual reality has evolved and how key pioneers have paved the way for what we have today. Panoramic paintings: these were the earliest attempts…

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Computer on the forehead

Tired Of Wearing Hats? Try Strapping A Computer On Your Forehead

Ever been to a golf game where a semi-dressed 40-year-old man decided to give security personnel and the golf caddies a run for their money? If so, you probably watched…

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