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Microsoft Hololens

Will the HoloLens Be a Nightmare for Xbox Fans in the Near Future?

  It would only be logical to assume that the fact that Microsoft is working on an augmented reality device as powerful as the HoloLens would be a source of…

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vr digital workplace

Will Virtual Reality Help in the Digital Workplace?

  Back in 2014 when Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, he described some potential future uses for the tool: “After games, we’re going to make Oculus a…

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microsoft hololens

Microsoft Makes Hololens Available for Developers

  Microsoft shared at Build this last week that its HoloLens is now available to developers to begin working on and testing. The augmented reality (AR) headset has been shown…

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Have We Reached the End of the Smart Phone Revolution?

  There is a growing sense from people among all of the giants that there may be an end to how far a smart phone can go. This is being…

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healthcare vr

Virtual Reality to Change Healthcare

When Microsoft released a video of its project X-Rays, gamers salivated in October of 2015. X-Ray is a mixed reality video game. A user was seen wearing a HoloLens goggles…

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ar gear

Virtual Reality Is Cool; Augmented Reality May Be Cooler

There is an abundance of big, bulky headsets that (nearly perfectly) reconstruct circumstances like an attack by a huge shark, a roller-coaster journey or all sorts of other fear-inducing foolishness….

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Samsung Vr Gear

VR’s Next Generation Problem: Lack of Content

  Technology is everywhere and it is becoming more complex, but it is also becoming more accepted everywhere. VR is coming to life by leaps and bounds. It was just…

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trading in vr

Financial Trading Stirring Up with Virtual Reality

Have you ever considered trading data with a virtual reality application? Well, Citi is looking into a prototype of a virtual reality app that traders can use to build holograms…

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