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ENTiTi Creator

ENTiTi Creator: Now Anyone Can Easily Create VR Content

  Think about pointing your phone at your new washing machine to get an augmented reality startup lesson on how to use the machine and touring a not yet completed…

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virtual augmented reality

The Israeli VR and AR Startup Landscape

  Virtual reality along with augmented reality are still in their infancy, and, depending on who you ask – venture capitalists, analysts, visionaries, tech enthusiasts, sociologists, etc. – you’ll get…

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Virtual Reality Healthcare

  One of the crazy things about science fiction otherwise known as “sci-fi” is that many times it becomes reality. In 1966, Harry Kleiner, a writer, wrote a futuristic film…

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raising awareness with vr

UN Embraces VR as a Means to Raise Global Awareness on the Syrian Crisis

  The United Nations has embraced virtual reality as a veritable way to raise awareness about the plights of people around the world having created a trio of short VR…

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united nations flag

United Nations Frustrating Israelis with New Virtual Reality Experience

  The United Nations is still demonizing Israel through a new film that distorts the facts of the Gaza war that occurred in 2014. Hillel Neuer, the Executive Director of…

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Israeli Festival

Big Dreams for VR Revealed During Israeli Festival

Along a street packed with dirt are many men loafing on the sidewalk under a blue and clear sky splashed with thin clouds and a girl singing in Arabic, somewhere…

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vr israel

Virtual Reality is Already in Israel

The virtual reality technology is in the midst of a cycle that’s ready to explode and hit every consumer based market, with a high-water mark coming in 2014 when Facebook…

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