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Paul McCartney Six-Part VR Documentary Series

Paul McCartney Brings Fans into His World Through Virtual Reality

Paul McCartney is about to introduce a new retrospective album that would enable fans to travel into his world by way of virtual reality through a six-part series of VR…

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Storytelling Tool for Marketers

VR Emerges as Ultimate Storytelling Tool for Marketers

Dominic Collins knows a thing or two about the power of virtual reality, so it was definitely a good news when he was introduced as the speaker at the 2016 event…

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jungle book vr

Creating Virtual Reality Experiences in ‘The Jungle Book’ with VFX Supervisor Keith Miller

  Disney invested over $60 million in the Virtual Reality start-up company Jaunt in September, it was another sign that the once-dormant format was back on the upswing. It wasn’t…

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virtual reality and entertainment

How Media Organizations Are Being Enticed By Virtual Reality

  For a while now, some organizations like Condé Nast and Vice Media have explored virtual reality  innovations as another frontier for presenting and a good avenue to offer advertisements….

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virtual reality 360 degree camera

Facebook Launches 360-Degree Virtual Reality Camera

  Facebook Upgrade: The New 360-Degree VR Camera Facebook has spent a large of money on virtual reality including their $2 billion purchase of the maker of the Oculus Rift….

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Some Random VR Facts

Some Random Virtual Reality Facts

In 2001, SAS3 or SAS Cube turned out to be the first PC based cubic room. It was created by Z-A Production (Maurice Benayoun, David Nahon), Barco, Clarte and installed…

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Jaunt logo

Jaunt Creates Cinematic VR Experiences

Jaunt’s technology has provided a complete solution for creating cinematic VR experiences. The company has made an integrated suite of hardware and software tools to bring in the highest quality…

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Jaunt Creates A Merchandise Team In Order To Be “Netflix For Vr”

Jaunt, an application that handles the features and hardware for virtual reality, has employed a number of qualified Merchandisers who convince media organizations and markets into constructing a solid foundation…

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Some Travel & Hospitality Companies Exploring VR

The Facebook-owned company, Oculus, is making VR technology in travel, a reality. When someone is planning to visit a certain place, Oculus VR can make it possible for them without…

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