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The Economist Plans to Bring Virtual Reality and Mobile Video into their Content Production

According to the Economist, there will be no difference in the quality of its reporting and visual storytelling in virtual reality and in print. It held a Digital Content NewFronts…

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Freelance Society’s VR Videos are Making a Global Impression

  Dylan Roberts has always felt compelled to tell stories through a lens, and the more dangerous the venue, the better. He has been to Iraq, Gaza, Somalia, and many…

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What You Can Expect from ‘VR Ghost Train’

  Derren Brown sent creepy life-sized Victorian dolls out to wander amongst London commuters on the Underground and promise riders an unforgettable experience “like nothing you have ever seen before”…

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Virtual Reality Makes it Into the Operating Room

A medical doctor based in London carries out the first ever known live stream of a complete surgical operation in virtual reality. All that is required to get this experience…

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Virtual Reality Experience, 69% of Consumers Are Excited

  Virtual reality is taking over the marketing arena all over the world as the brands and marketers are making moves to take its advantage. Among other promises is to…

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Timelooper Takes You to the Past

  New trends in virtual reality technology and new apps give a little peek at the future revenues for this industry. Virtual reality is mostly used by travel agencies to…

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in the eyes of the animal

In the Eyes of the Animal: A VR Program That Brings You Closer to the Forest

  Have you ever wondered what it will be like to be a wild animal in the forest? Fly around like a bird or jump around like a frog. All…

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tourism vr

Virtual Reality Brings a New Dimension to Travel and Tourism

  Imagine a world where you can travel to visit places far away without leaving your living room. No cost of exploring new places all around the world and new…

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movebubble logo

New Company Takes Stress of Home Buying Away with VR

  Searching for a home can be very stressful, especially in London, UK. In order to find a property that doesn’t involve a sleeping bag in a person’s family room…

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vr selfie stick

Imagine Taking VR Selfies With Virtual Selfie Sticks

  At the point when Facebook purchased Oculus two years ago, a considerable number of individuals thought the union was odd and doesn’t make sense. This might be due to…

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