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Farming Secrets of McDonald Revealed With the Help of Virtual Reality

  An acute shortage of skills being faced by British agriculture is motivating people to find ways to attract more young people to take up a career in farming. McDonalds…

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Groove Jones And The Exciting Journey Into the World of Virtual Reality

Groove Jones’ team, a Dallas, Texas startup, had in a Deep Ellum studio created short films and animations that come to plunge people in a world where they can drive…

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vr kids

No. Virtual Reality Will NOT Turn Kids into Zombies

  Virtual reality goggles have only just started to reach the consumer market (with hefty price tags) but already, there’s “But what about the children?” fretting. In a preview of…

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Virtual Reality to Turn Children into Zombies

  “Four years old is a little young to see this whole movie,” Ben Affleck told the Associated Press when asked whether he would take his son to see “Batman…

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Virtual Reality to Change How We Eat

  Food and virtual reality. Those are two things that you might not have thought you would hear together. Well, now that’s changing. Imagine you’re eating lasagne for dinner and…

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News Business Model in Virtual Reality Starts with Native Advertising

  There is no business yet for virtual reality and its cousin, the 360- degree video. Sponsored content and native advertising are the starting point to generate revenue. McDonalds and…

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shopping vr

Virtual Reality is Poised To Give You A Whole New Shopping Experience

If you were to judge by this year’s SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, the revolution called Virtual Reality has already begun. Participants were given a taste of everything from panels…

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7 Movies with Virtual Reality Experiences

The non-tech companies are already experimenting with virtual reality technology like Dior, McDonald’s, and Six Flags, but they are not the only ones that are experimenting with virtual reality. There…

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vr gear

The Ways VR Will Be Leveraged

The month of March was the month for innovation as lots of organizations visited the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco and the South by Southwest event in Austin….

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mcdonalds mashable

McDonald’s Shows VR Ad Opportunities

Even though VR is offering a lot of excitement to consumers (and potential consumers), it’s important to note that VR is going to constantly evolve. That means that companies are…

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