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LOOOK: Holographic Computing Welcomes You to the Future

John Howard and Sebastien Motte were asked about the future post-smartphone computing innovation, and the technology industry veterans were happy to shed more light concerning holographic interfaces and mixed reality. Industry…

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Haptic Technology

Microsoft Exploring Their New Haptic Technology

Microsoft researchers have broken the barriers on the new haptic technology that allows people to interact with virtual reality worlds with their hands. The new tech replaces the wand or similar…

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Asobo Studio: Lessons From the Frontline of HoloLens Development

The boundless flow of new products is at once thrilling and terrifying for game developers today. A lot of people are playing a lot more games, and the stand through…

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Audience Engagement Can Be Shaped by Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is basically an artificial computer-simulated world. Scroll down for video A user can have any kind of experience with VR such as get immersed in an incredible made-up…

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Low-Cost Headsets will Make Virtual Reality More Appealing

There are notable devices in the market that have successfully reduced the price of virtual reality, and changed its performance, there have been quite some repercussions for the scientist not…

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Virtual Reality Headsets Need to Improve Before VR Can Turn Around Media

The present generation of virtual reality headsets need to evolve before virtual reality can come through on its promise to bring unseen immersive experiences to the populace. The paragraph above…

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Your Living Room and VR Headsets

  It is now a possibility to immerse yourself into another world right in your living room with a virtual reality headset. An android device and Google Cardboard combination makes…

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microsoft hololens

What makes Microsoft’s Hololens Stand Out?

  Amongst all of the tech products that have been reviewed in the past, very few of them come close to the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality glasses. The Hololens is…

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virtual augmented reality

The Israeli VR and AR Startup Landscape

  Virtual reality along with augmented reality are still in their infancy, and, depending on who you ask – venture capitalists, analysts, visionaries, tech enthusiasts, sociologists, etc. – you’ll get…

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vr digital workplace

Will Virtual Reality Help in the Digital Workplace?

  Back in 2014 when Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, he described some potential future uses for the tool: “After games, we’re going to make Oculus a…

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