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Video Stores

Netflix Planning to Bring Back Video Stores via Virtual Reality

Gone are the days when people will have to actually go to a brick-and-mortar building to rent movies printed on physical media if they wished to watch them at home. Some…

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Virtual Reality and Netflix’s Laid-back Approach

  Virtual reality has evolved into a major focus area of the world at present. As a new and emerging platform, it captivates consumer and media attention. Reasons for this…

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Netflix Currently Holding Back from VR

  Hulu and YouTube are both getting into virtual reality. Another streaming service is holding back though. That streaming service is Netflix. Netflix told VentureBeat that there are a few…

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Amazon Forays into Original Virtual Reality Content

  Virtual reality and its content has been making its rounds in many sectors of entertainment, business and art and Amazon is finally delving into virtual reality original content. They…

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samsung gear vr

Samsung VR App Supports Web Browsers

Samsung is going to release an app for its virtual reality headset Gear, this week that will support both 3D video and 360-degree streaming, and also any HTML5 video from…

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Netflix Not Focusing on Virtual Reality

Netflix launched an app in September 2015 to enable Oculus Rift owners to view movies and shows in virtual reality. However, it looks as though the company isn’t as excited…

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media industry in vr

Media Industry May Look to Virtual Reality

Can virtual reality turn into the next huge initiative for the media industry? The media industry has had a tough time of generating excitement amongst young people. VR could possibly…

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hulu & netflix

Comparison of Hulu and Netflix VR App

Users who own the $99 Samsung Gear VR headset have had the ability to experience virtual reality with Netflix. The Netflix VR app has enabled Samsung Gear VR users the…

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