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NextVR Is Bringing Boxing Highlights to Virtual Reality

In the past, we have seen virtual reality being used for various purposes—from education to entertainment and to tours. We have also seen virtual reality being used in streaming video…

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Virtual Reality Headsets Need to Improve Before VR Can Turn Around Media

The present generation of virtual reality headsets need to evolve before virtual reality can come through on its promise to bring unseen immersive experiences to the populace. The paragraph above…

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HTC’s Approach to Virtual Reality

So many eyes are fixed on the high-ends as HTC and Oculus present their products to the market. However, quite a number of companies also have eyes fixed on the…

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NextVR to Broadcast Kentucky Derby in VR in Conjunction with NBC

  NextVR penned a five-year deal with Fox this year with Fox to broadcast events like Daytona 500 and also co-sponsoring a Sports Business Forum with Turner at CES. Now,…

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kentucky derby

Kentucky Derby Live Streamed in VR

  It seems as though sporting events are slowly becoming accessible in the virtual reality world too. Now, the Kentucky Derby is no different. If you don’t have millions of…

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nextvr coldplay

Live Concerts Could Be A Big Use of VR

  Much content has been written about what will be the killer use of virtual reality other than gaming. E-commerce, professional sports, and Armchair tourism are regularly coming out as…

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vr concert

Virtual Reality Concerts

  Concern about what the killer-use-case-beyond-gaming will be for virtual reality has prompt lots of writings. Often, armchair tourism, e-commerce and professional sports are tossed out as potentials. However, taken…

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nextvr logo

NextVR Is Bringing the Game to You

  For a typical NFL game on StubHub, tickets could set you back $350, another $60 for parking, $150 for gas, food and drinks and the total cost for your…

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imax vr

IMAX Director Now Turns to Virtual Reality

  DJ Roller has been all over the world, to seven continents to be exact. He’s been with James Cameron in deep waters and directed exciting movies in 3D and…

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Masters Tournament VR

Masters Golf Tournament + 4K and Virtual Reality

The Masters tournament celebrated its 80th year anniversary when it teed off today at the Augusta National Golf Club. This also marked the first live 4k broadcast of a U.S….

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