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6 Facts You Should Know About PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR headset is the symbol of Sony’s pioneering venture into the world of virtual reality following its absurdly expensive 3-D viewers. The tech giant has been working on…

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Launching of PlayStation Neo

PlayStation Neo Could Be Launched Before PlayStation VR

Over the years, talks about PlayStation Neo have run wild across several media as information from numerous sources stated that the device would be out in the year 2016. In…

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PlayStation Neo Could Get Early Release Ahead of PlayStation VR

Rumors have flown and run wild from various sources about the PlayStation Neo and when it would be released. Some other reports are already springing up that the PS Neo…

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Uncharted 4 Is Even Better in Virtual Reality

  Despite being released not too long ago, the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has found its way to the top and it’s now among one of the best-looking games…

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PlayStation VR: 9 Facts You Need to Know

PlayStation VR is Sony’s first raid into virtual reality following its numerous high-end, and absurdly expensive, 3D viewers. Sony has been working on PlayStation VR for some years now, honing…

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This New Console Has a VR Component Way Cheaper Than Playstation VR

Fuze Entertainment is releasing a new home console in the Chinese market later this year called the Fuze F1. This new console will not only get into the market to…

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How Can VR Complement PlayStation’s Racing Games

  The good thing about racing games is that almost anyone can play them. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to drive. Even if you have to crash repeatedly,…

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VR Market: Two Virtual Reality Stocks That Are Cheaper Than Facebook

On the Rise: VR Market Virtual reality is being touted as the next frontier for software and hardware growth by a lot of companies. Goldman Sachs evaluates that the market…

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The Transition of VR from Vision to Reality

2016 was dubbed as the year of “VR goes from virtual to reality” by BBC. The momentum gained by Virtual Reality technology is tremendous as can be seen from factors…

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Unilever Delves Into Virtual Reality

Unilever is coming up with a library of virtual reality content for its brands in a bid to get in line with the technology before it hits mainstream, according to…

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