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PlayStation VR

6 Facts You Should Know About PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR headset is the symbol of Sony’s pioneering venture into the world of virtual reality following its absurdly expensive 3-D viewers. The tech giant has been working on…

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This New Console Has a VR Component Way Cheaper Than Playstation VR

Fuze Entertainment is releasing a new home console in the Chinese market later this year called the Fuze F1. This new console will not only get into the market to…

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Microsoft Hololens

Will the HoloLens Be a Nightmare for Xbox Fans in the Near Future?

  It would only be logical to assume that the fact that Microsoft is working on an augmented reality device as powerful as the HoloLens would be a source of…

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virtual reality clouds

Why You Might Want To Still Hold Off On Virtual Reality

  Virtual reality is spectacular, and will potentially revolutionize how we engage with entertainment in the way the radio, the television, and the smartphone each have in the past. But…

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playstation logo

Latest Sony ‘NEO’ PS4 – Smoother Games, Better Graphics

  Sony’s forthcoming 4K PlayStation 4 called Neo, is confident of producing better processor speed, memory data transfer capacity, and better graphical capabilities than the standard PS4 in the market…

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playstation vr

PlayStation VR May Be First Mainstream Virtual Reality System

  The PlayStation VR isn’t the first to market, but the company is confident that they’re going to be the best option for consumers once released in October 2016. It…

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toshiba head dome projector

Go Ahead, Strap An Entire PC To Your Face Out In The Open

If you have ever been on a plane and wanted to look at and engage in some private non-discreet business, you will remember that the person seated next to you…

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Playstation vr

VR Headset for PlayStation Coming in October

In 1994, Sony introduced its first PlayStation (PS), a video game console. Then the PS2 was followed in 2000 and in 2006 came the PS3. Sony has been very keen…

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playstation vr

PlayStation VR: The 9 Basic Facts About It

Here are some basic facts about the PlayStation VR. – Every PS4 game can be played a troupe: It puts the player in a different environment where he or she…

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Virtual Reality Boxing

VR Games Are Being Developed

  Virtual reality games are being created at a fast pace. If you’re in your twenties as you read this, your eyes must be green with excitement. Unless you’re not…

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