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VR 2020 Predictions

Prediction: By 2020, 52 Million VR Headsets Will Have Been Sold

According to predictions made by Forrester, about 52 million virtual reality headsets would be sold by 2020, with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift taking over majority of the sales. Forrester…

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Nomads and Oculus VR

Oculus VR would like you to be aware that virtual reality can be an avenue for good documentaries and films and its maiden expensive project, Nomads is available for viewing…

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Samsung’s Gear VR Recorded One Million Users Last Month

Oculus, Facebook-owned subsidiary, made public in its blog post that almost one million people used Samsung’s Gear VR headset last month. Such a figure is an indication that the number…

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The Unexpected Explosion in Virtual Reality is Bewildering the Industry

Are you still thinking that virtual reality is just a fad? You should rethink — over a million people used the technology last month. Unbelievable? Yes, it is real and…

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Quick Breakdown of Some of the Great VR Headsets

Strapping a presentation to your face may in any case appear like a fantasy of the past to a great many people, yet throughout this year we’re going to see…

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Great VR Headsets

Just the way VR is gradually taking over the space now, major tech companies are also moving with trend and there are a lot of VR headsets being designed now…

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Sisters’ Gear VR Review

Sisters: Upgraded Horror Experience As far as virtual reality is concerned, some genres are just better left for VR gaming than others. A genre that will fare extremely well in…

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Virtual Reality Version of Madden to be Released by EA Tiburon

Uprising of Virtual Reality Business Local business leaders and game developers have predicted how successful and exciting this year might be for virtual reality and while some major game studios may…

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VR Entertainment for Kids

Samsung’s Gear VR’s finest apps are quite stress-free to install and users can now have an immersive enjoyable experience. However, apart from gaming and movie-watching, a person can as well…

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Vrse CEO Talks Citizen Kane and Virtual Reality

“Citizen Kane does not come in year two of VR.” Chris Milk, the esteemed virtual reality filmmaker/documentarian/founder/ Vrse CEO, discussed the limitations and the massive times of potential for the…

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