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Virtual Reality and Art: First Time Trials

  It is common knowledge that art can exist in virtual reality. From games like Adrlft, to films such as Collisions, virtual reality has proven to be a unique medium…

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google tilt brush

Google’s Tilt Brush: VR Art

  There’s a new product that’s pretty exciting. It’s called Tilt Brush and has been released recently by Google. The Tilt Brush enables people to paint a 3D space while…

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25 hrs in vr

World Record Set as Man Spends 25 Hours in Virtual Reality

  Someone finally decided to see how long he could continue living in a virtual reality world, and in the process set an official Guinness World Record for the most…

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vr therapy

VR Can Help with Mental and Physical Therapy in the Near Future

  For lots of people, the arrival of the first wave of the consumer-based virtual reality headsets means that realizing decade-old dreams of transporting themselves into immersive digital worlds. However,…

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google io16

Google I/O 2016 Schedule Is Filled With Talks on Virtual Reality

  With Google I/O being just a month away, Google has posted a big chunk of the schedule for the event, containing a few hints about what to expect. The…

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Tilt Brush

Real Artists Use TiltBrush – See How They Did

The HTC Vive is officially in the public’s hands. The headset will continue to sell more throughout this year. The question now becomes – what will people actually be able…

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htc vive vr gear

HTC Vive: The Complete Review with Long Details

The HTC Vive has all the components to compete and challenge the Oculus Rift, including the ability to walk around in the virtual reality space, 6DoF hand controllers, and the…

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virtual reality gear

Want to Sweat? Try these HTC Vive Games

Fitness Achieved playing HTC Vive Games People have begun to test HTC Vive virtual reality games and some of the games are not only exciting, but help you work up…

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