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Filmmakers Inventing the Language of VR

  As a filmmaker, imagine you being able to capture any moment, idea, or feeling so anyone can relive it. Now think of something different which you can put your…

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Virtual Reality Aids Conservation Efforts

  In The Crystal Reef, a virtual reality experience shows us the effects of carbon emissions on living things in the oceans. A voice muses “What if you had a…

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Explore Life Under Water with ‘Deep VR’

  My ‘Deep VR’ Submerged Experience A writer named Joseph Volpe was about to еxреriеnсе ‘Dеер VR’ аt thе Tribеса Film Fеѕtivаl, he wаѕ аlmost at a peak anxiety lеvеl….

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escape reality

Three Steps to the Ultimate in Escapism: VR Worlds You Never Need to Leave

  “It’s fascinating to see virtual reality finally arrive,” says Philip Rosedale, founder of online virtual world Second Life, during a recent presentation introducing his company Hi Fidelity at the…

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This Virtual Reality Game Comes With Scientists’ Approval

  Virtual reality experiences can provoke any number of emotional responses from the user depending on his predilections. If you use the VR headsets to experience the Tribeca Film Festival…

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Allumette vr

‘Allumette’; a Virtual Reality Fairy Tale of Love and Loss

  Allumette, a marvelous virtual reality fairytale by Penrose Studios that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Virtual Arcade is set in a dreamy city in the sky. The magic…

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virtual reality

Virtual Reality With No Headset

  Famous Deaths is a VR experience at the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s an experience that could offend people and is quite weird. The experience first debuted in Amsterdam with…

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dolphins vr

Environmental Filmmakers Inspired by VR Films

  Environmental filmmakers are toeing the waters of virtual reality (VR) in the two ocean-related projects debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival that occurred in New York City. The two…

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tribeca film festival

Best Virtual Reality Content from the Tribeca Film Festival 2016

  Virtual reality has been featuring at the Tribeca Film Festival – remember Robert de Niro in a prototype of Oculus Rift past in 2014? But not until this year’s…

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vr music

Virtual Reality Has A Future in Music Videos

  As virtual reality tech finally becomes attainable in recent times, new questions are being born: What kind of stories do we want to tell with these devices? What experiences…

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