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How VR Tells Stories in an Immersive Way

If you have ever experienced virtual reality before then you can relate to how once you are immersed in VR, you are no longer an ordinary spectator of a reflection…

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Virtual Reality Art Show View with the Body

The first people who get to explore the rare potentials of new technology are artists and through most of the modern times, theorists gave more importance to word than images,…

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Students Learning the Dangers of Distracted Driving Through Virtual Reality

Students of the West Fargo High School in North Dakota were exposed to the hazards associated with driving with distractions on May 9th 2016 thanks to an event organized by…

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conde nast

Condé Nast Also Betting on Virtual Reality

  “We made a decision to not do what everybody else is doing,” Condé Nast video head Dawn Ostroff said, of the glitzy publisher’s video strategy, as she started her…

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VR Twitter Voting Through French TV Show

  VAST Media is one of those consulting and media research companies that’s located in Berlin. The company gives TV leaders across the world, detailed competitive market analysis based on…

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facebook logo

Facebook’s Outlook on VR

Mark Zuckerberg has jumped over and dodged obstacle after obstacle in creating an empire known as Facebook. From a small social media network into an empire loved by the world. With…

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Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey’s Thoughts on Virtual Reality

The abundantly built up VR headset, Oculus Rift, is, at last, hitting the open market. The initial reviews have varied. As The Wall Street Journal says, “the first totally immersive…

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