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Virtual Reality and Gaming

  Visualize soaring through the air at the pace of light, jumping over high structures and looking through walls with X-ray sight. For a lot of people, becoming a superhero…

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Some Questions VR Filmmakers Need To Answer

  While it’s obvious that virtual reality has massive implications for film, and despite the excitement surrounding the epic, livable experiences that will be offered, there’s more than a little…

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developing vr game

Now Anybody Can Create Virtual Reality Games

  While the wildernesses of Virtual Reality are growing because of expanded enthusiasm for the Oculus Rift headset, making diversions and virtual reality encounters has by and large been restricted…

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htc vive vr gear

HTC Vive: The Complete Review with Long Details

The HTC Vive has all the components to compete and challenge the Oculus Rift, including the ability to walk around in the virtual reality space, 6DoF hand controllers, and the…

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oculus rift vr

How To Launch Virtual Headset the Oculus Rift Way

Product launches and product releases are used by companies to bring their new products to the market. Tesla launches are unique with Elon Musk, clad in expensive suits pointing to…

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Google Logo

Google Announces Exciting New VR Initiatives

Virtual reality is ideal for gaming and watching movies, but when it comes down to real world uses there are still quite a bit of spaces available for VR to…

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oculus vr gear

No Fanfare for the Oculus VR Headset Launch

The Oculus Rift is taking its first step towards its launch. The launch will not be a full on party scene. No stars at the launch, no glitter or glamor,…

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