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The Many Storytelling Challenges Filmmakers Face in Virtual Reality

When making movies, filmmakers plan the direction in which their stories are related to their audience. As much as possible, they like to be in control of every little detail….

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Virtual Reality Might Become Widely Used in Healthcare

When one says the words “virtual reality,” what do you think of? Maybe images of playing your favorite superhero in video games come to your mind, but in recent years,…

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Virtual Reality into the Crime Scenes

Research in Virtual Reality Has Stepped into Crime Scenes

The impact of VR has been felt in all aspects of human endeavors. With the new revolution, the technology is now spilling into the criminal justice system. Recently, researchers from…

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Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier: Founder of Virtual Reality Warns of Misuse

It would have been expected of Jaron Lanier to be excited right now. Over 30 years since his ground-breaking effort in virtual reality, the technology at last seems to be on the brink…

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Virtual Reality Is Changing Lives

Virtual Reality Can Change Lives, According to Tech Analysts

We have seen virtual reality employed in so many sectors and with a lot of success to back it up. It has found so many uses that range from cutting…

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French Open

French Open Excites Fans with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

Tennis fans sure got a pleasant surprise. The 2016 French Open, which was held at the Roland-Garros Stadium in Paris, was not only a place for sports fans but also served…

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Google's Augmented Reality

Here’s What You Need to Know About Google’s Augmented Reality Technology

Have you ever gone shopping for furniture and all you want is to see how that new sofa will look in your house? This is possible with Google’s augmented reality…

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360-Degree Videos

360-Degree Videos Will Soon Take Over the World

Immersive 360-degree videos are the rage now. These videos have been shot with special circular camera arrays that record the entire panoramic view from a particular fixed point. Viewers can…

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How to Get the Disney Experience Without Moving Around

Disney hasn’t been in the publishing front for a while and their support for Disney Infinity may have waned, but the PC gaming market is where their interests lie now….

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Rules by Google

Designing in VR: Rules by Google

At the recent Google I/O conference held in Mountain View, California, the company unveiled the DayDream VR platform. It seems hardware wasn’t the only thing the company worked on. A team of…

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