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The StarVR Headset Could Revolutionize Theme Park Roller Coasters

With the new partnership between Starbreeze and Acer, we are about to see a high-end StarVR headset. This partnership between Acer and the Swedish game company Starbreeze will give birth…

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Brian May Owl VR Kit

Brian May’s Owl VR Kit Is Speeding Up the End of Reality

As it is now, it looks like celebrities are set to fully embrace virtual reality as the Queen guitarist, Brian May, would be delivering the latest version of it. “Ultimately VR will…

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Simulation Video Game Time Machine VR

Introducing the Simulation Video Game Time Machine VR

The return of a virus from the past that has evolved to be so deadly, leaving millions dead—it is a scenario we all dread. The Jurassic flu is ravaging humanity…

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Tesla Model 3

Marvel at the Interactive 3D Render of the Tesla Model 3

Even with its design not being a secret anymore and even though a lot of videos from the car’s launching event are all over the Web, Tesla is still trying…

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Buzludzha Monument

Buzludzha Monument Reimagined with the Aid of Virtual Reality

The Buzludzha Monument located in central Bulgaria was a symbol of power. That power was at the hands of Bulgaria’s communist party. The megastructure was opened in 1981 but was…

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VR Theme Park Rides

Theme Park Rides Become More Exciting with VR

Visitors of themed parks this summer are in for heightened experiences, which will jolt their sense of adventure. Theme park rides are made even more fun with the help pf virtual…

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Google Latest Virtual Reality

Daydream, Google’s Latest Virtual Reality Effort

The Google Cardboard has been here for years already. It is cheap basic accessory used in combination with an Android phone to view virtual reality content. The virtual reality industry has…

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Virtual Reality HP Omen Desktop

HP Omen: A Virtual Reality–Ready Desktop

Finally, after releasing its line of laptops in recent years, the HP omen desktop is finally coming. It would be released in August this year. The price remains unknown, but…

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VR game from Tension

A New and Exciting VR Game from Tension

Virtual reality has really taken off in so many parts of the world, and we have all seen it being utilized in so many areas that range from entertainment to…

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Virtual Reality

RG Lab Stuns Tennis Fans with Virtual Reality at Tennis Open

The Roland Garros Stadium is currently enjoying a huge turnout, being filled to capacity almost every day and then occupied by tourists every other day. This is not a mere…

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