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Magic Leap Takes Virtual Reality to the Next Level

There’s not a lot of things that you can say are really mind-blowing. An event has to be at least close to being history-bending for it to blow one’s mind….

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VR Film

Wevr Shares Plans to Make Movie-Length VR Film

Wevr becomes one of the first virtual reality studios to attempt a feature-length VR film, even though it’s a known fact in the industry that almost all VR experiences run for…

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TheWave: The Newest VR App Especially Made for DJs

There are all sorts of virtual reality apps being created. Now there’s a new app for DJs called TheWave, which allows disc jockeys to play the record and hype up…

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VR Beyond Games

Oculus Is Working on Documentaries to Expand the Use of VR Beyond Games

Virtual reality (VR) can amaze the viewers. It can also touch their emotions but only in the right hands. One good example is the virtual reality documentary Notes on Blindness:…

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Tourism in Albuquerque

Developing Tourism in Albuquerque Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is the next big thing in technology, and that technology is set to invade New Mexico as means are being developed to boost tourism in Albuquerque. It is estimated…

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Poker gambling virtual reality

Why Poker and VR Are a Natural Fit

We’ve written quite a bit about different areas of interest for gamers looking into virtual reality. We’ve covered games for different formats and franchises being adapted to the technology along…

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VR Revenue

VR Revenue in China to Triple This Year

VR revenue and that of its related products are expected to triple this year in China in contrast to last year’s revenue; however, rapidly increasing tech sector requires considerable development…

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VR users

If You Think VR Is Just a Fad, Think Again

A lot of individuals out there have heard about virtual reality. And more VR users are popping out of nowhere, but still, there are yet some who think it’s just…

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The Mini Documentaries of Oculus has Successfully Developed Virtual Reality Beyond Games

The Reason 360-Degree Cameras Are Now 2016’s Must-Have Travel Companion

The new 360-degree photos and the videos that enable you to get a view of the subject from all possible angles have really got travel photographers and videographers going wild. Nowadays, these videos…

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ARM Holdings

ARM Holdings Proves It’s Taking VR Seriously with Release of New Processors

ARM Holdings, reputed to be one of the largest designers of mobile chips in the world, recently revealed its newest set of mobile processors that can increase the computational capabilities of high-end GPUs…

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