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Great VR Headsets

Just the way VR is gradually taking over the space now, major tech companies are also moving with trend and there are a lot of VR headsets being designed now…

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VRidge Allows You to Play Oculus Games on Your Cardboard VR Headset

Virtual reality has finally come to stay despite the numerous backlashes and various technical and social challenges. All thanks to companies like Facebook for Oculus Rift and HTC for Vive…

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The Magic in Tech Is Evident in VR and HTC Vive

More often than not, something amazing unexpectedly comes along, something that has never been seen before and it seems like magic to everyone- A product that takes us into the…

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Virtual Reality Gaming

St. John’s Game Developers’ Ground-Breaking VR Game ‘Giant Cop’

  There is a new type of video game around that promises to change your view of the world and this game is being developed at St. John. Newfoundland studio…

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HTC’s Sales Drop, Company Now Hoping to Bank on Virtual Reality

The smartphone maker based in Taiwan hopes its sales could be revived by its Virtual Reality headset. It’s not very difficult to see why HTC is placing all its hope…

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Web Apps Accessibility from VR HMD with ‘V’

  Enthusiastic early adopters are beginning to gain access to Virtual reality hardware. It is a medium with great futuristic potentials, but the industry needs to break the barrier of…

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New Report About VR Spin-Off Nose-Dives HTC Shares

  Today, the shares of HTC on the Taipei stock exchange nose-dived; it dropped 10%, the maximum allowable in a day. This was believed to be investors’ reaction to the…

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How to Set Up the HTC Vive

  A lot of cables are needed in the setting up the HTC Vive. Most devices and gadgets come in a ready-to-use form and has made us not realize thee…

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Review of Cyberpong VR: Simple and Sharp

  Cyberpong VR is the first iteration of Brick Breaker for virtual reality. At developer studio, Colopl NL where this game was developed, it is suggested that it “takes the…

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Rumors Abound That HTC is Preparing to Spin Off the VR Division

  While bits of gossip are just the same old thing going on inside the corporate world, today’s gossip tidbits leaving HTC appears to have legs move around. The gossip…

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