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Virtual Reality Gaming

What is Virtual Reality Gaming

The VR concept of gaming allows the person playing to experience a 3D environment. This allows the gamer to interact closely with the environment itself which seems to make the…

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vr fps game

First Person Shooter VR Game

Lots of high voltage software of VR games are being created. First Person Shooter (FPS) games are one of the types of games that seem to excite gaming fans the…

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Sword Art Online

Popular Game – ‘Sword Art Online’ Is Not Getting A New Virtual Reality Game

Sword Art Online is a series about a futuristic virtual reality game where its players aren’t able to leave, they have to fight the game’s creator in order to escape….

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oculus rift

There Is Not Enough VR Games in Gaming Industry

The competition gaming industry is immersing itself in virtual reality…in a way. They are continuing to progress too. However, even though there’s a lot of buzz around virtual reality, there’s…

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Hidden Temple VR adventures youtube

The Best 5 AppStore VR Games for VR-iPhone

This is the top 5 list of paid and free games that one must have. They can be downloaded from the best 5 AppStore VR games. PAID GAMES: InCell VR-…

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htcvive steam

Now Possible To Play Non-Virtual Reality Games on HTC Vive

Steam has finally released HTC Vive that can now be used to play non-virtual reality games. Valve recently declared that it has propelled an early beta test for the SteamVR…

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best google apps and games - wareable

The Best VR and Google Cardboard Apps and Games

Google Cardboard and VR have one of the latest platforms for totally immersive games and apps and that show you all kinds of stuff and let you do all kinds…

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Horror games in virtual reality

Hоrrоr Games Become Wау, Way Ѕсаrіеr With Virtual Reality

Gamer’s of Virtual rеаlіtу has соmе a very long way ѕіnсе those еnоrmоuѕ old school designs оf thе 1990ѕ, аnd wіth thrее mаjоr рlауеrѕ рuttіng huge ѕumѕ оf саѕh, R&D…

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job simulator game

Virtual Reality Video Games Are Starting To Run Office Work Into The Ground

When writers dreamed about virtual reality Video Games are starting to run office simulator twenty years ago, they imagined wearing headset and being taken to faraway lands and fantasy worlds….

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