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How VR Is Transforming Healthcare

  Earlier this week, a groundbreaking study demonstrated the potential of VR as a treatment for paranoia, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes, it’s tempting, to consider…

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Beyond Gaming, Virtual Reality Can Find its Uses in Healthcare

Chances are you might not have heard about Oculus Rift, never mind, you will soon be dazed with its awareness. It is a virtual reality (VR) headset technology in the…

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vr headset

Virtual Reality Glasses May Soon Transform The Treatment of Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

  Doctors are making use of Virtual Reality technology to treat psychological conditions, including phobias, depression, and even pain. How Virtual Reality Works Whilst some methods involve wearing bulky headsets,…

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vr surgery

Gaza’s Medical Students Watched the First VR Operation

  Last Thursday, British surgeon Dr. Shafi Ahmed live-streamed the world’s first operation in virtual reality using the Google glasses that allowed students from all over the world to get…

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virtual reality gear

Some Interesting Uses for Virtual Reality

  Even though virtual reality has been talked about for a long time, the practical applications have until recently remained elusive. But with a recent explosion in popular tech and…

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vr surgery

Live Virtual Reality Surgical Operation Really Happened

  VR technology is now letting us relive moments from the past, visit alien worlds and view our world from above. Just last week, VR was taken to another new…

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vr as a therapy

Professor Develops Virtual Reality Game to Combat Multiple Sclerosis

Virtual Reality Gaming as a Therapy John Quarles is an associate professor of computer science at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). He recently created a new VR…

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virtual reality and concussions

Virtual Reality Makes It Easier to Detect Concussions

  The NFL only recently acknowledged that repeated concussions suffered on the football field is linked to the degenerative condition known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE. This admission has…

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vr doctor

How Virtual Reality is Changing Doctor’s Visits

  Virtual visits have been on the rise in the last few years and it has made it easier for people to see doctors and has speed up the appointment…

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vr heals patients

Virtual Reality Used for Healing Patients

  The next time you are in the restroom searching for medication, think about the fact that you could be playing a video game. Research points to the fact that…

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