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Wildlife Conservation Meets Virtual Reality

Many people see virtual reality as a technology that can affect many different industries in unique positive ways. Now you can add wildlife conservation to the list of industries that…

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american idol

Virtual Reality at American Idol Finale

Epicenter VR’s Joseph Itaya took his VR cameras to meet up with Fox 11’s Julie Chang for American Idol’s Red Carpet finale. Epicenter VR puts videos together by utilizing 10…

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VR Roller Coaster

Wall Street Analysts Go On VR Roller Coaster

That feeling that you feel while riding a roller coaster is pretty unique as you rise up and fall down. Now, how about a more intense experience that’s more intense…

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aardman bbc logo

Aardman and BBC Partner to Create VR Experience

Aardman is a Bristol animation company that recently partnered with the BBC to develop a new VR experience. VR World Congress, is the UK’s largest virtual reality festival and it’s…

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Cleveland international film festival

Cleveland International Film Festival Introduces Virtual Reality

The Cleveland International Film Festival is mixing it up for their 40 year anniversary. Instead of the typical film festival, they’re now bringing virtual reality to their attendees via a…

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warner and nielsen

Time Warner and Nielsen Partner to Study Emotions with Virtual Reality

Time Warner and Nielsen are becoming partners as they research how content in the form of short videos, affects people’s minds and hearts. The partnership is set for 3 years…

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Masters Tournament VR

Masters Golf Tournament + 4K and Virtual Reality

The Masters tournament celebrated its 80th year anniversary when it teed off today at the Augusta National Golf Club. This also marked the first live 4k broadcast of a U.S….

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Laptop for developing vr

VR Ready: New Graphics Solution for VR Developers

At the GPU Technology Conference (in San Jose, California), on April 4th, Nvidia announced a new graphics solution for virtual reality developers. It’s called VR Ready and it combines Nvidia’s…

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vr fossil

VR Helps Scientists Anticipate Fossil Development

New computerized methods have permitted scientists to anticipate auxiliary advancement of the skull in the ancestry of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, with an end goal to fill in spaces in…

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trading in vr

Financial Trading Stirring Up with Virtual Reality

Have you ever considered trading data with a virtual reality application? Well, Citi is looking into a prototype of a virtual reality app that traders can use to build holograms…

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