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VR to Help Render Crime Scenes

Virtual Reality Projected to Assist in Live Crime Scene Rendering

Recently, a lot of buzz has emerged around virtual reality and the VR industry having penetrated the world of gaming and even live musical concerts. There is even talk about…

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The Lucrative World of Virtual Reality

It’s no understatement to say that virtual reality is enjoying a boom. It used to be that such technology could only be seen in movies and TV shows, but in…

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The Possibility of Using Virtual Reality in Depression Treatment

A joint research study by the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies and the University College of London recently revealed the results of their collaboration, which dealt with the…

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Applying VR Simulation in the Field of Neurovascular Surgery for Improved Surgical Efficiency

Surgical Theater, a company known for their next-generation innovations in medical virtual reality, recently revealed the results of their first clinical study that aimed to examine the effects of technology…

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A Screen-Less Future for Everyone

Just a few decades ago, office tools consisted of a wide variety of objects like Rolodexes, calendars, maps, dictionaries, media players, books, fax machines, file cabinets, wired phones, and the…

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The Impressive Virtual Reality Journey

Virtual reality (VR) is slowly but steadily increasing its presence and influence in our society. Three major events in 2016 have signified that VR is growing a stronger presence in…

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Virtual Reality Can Help in Industrial Training by Simulating a Real-Life Experience

With the advent of virtual reality technology, industrial training simulators are entering a new era as companies are starting to use VR to save time and money while also mitigate risk….

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Applications of Virtual Reality

Applications of Virtual Reality: 3-D Food Printing and More

Virtual reality is far immersive than anything ever created in the technology world. And it is expanding at a very rapid rate. There is a growing number of people who…

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LOOOK: Holographic Computing Welcomes You to the Future

John Howard and Sebastien Motte were asked about the future post-smartphone computing innovation, and the technology industry veterans were happy to shed more light concerning holographic interfaces and mixed reality. Industry…

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VR Technology

VR Technology: The New Face of Marketing

VR technology is now used in a lot of ways. It is everywhere and is known to everyone. It’s not only for gamers. Now even marketers are now incorporating VR…

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