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VR Technology: The New Face of Marketing

VR technology is now used in a lot of ways. It is everywhere and is known to everyone. It’s not only for gamers. Now even marketers are now incorporating VR…

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Intel’s Core i7 Processor Believed to Be the World’s Most Powerful

Imagine what you could do with more CPU cores! Think about all the tasks you could finish and all the games you could play if you had as many as ten cores…

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Intel Launches Next-Generation Processor Broadwell E

Intel’s Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition is a game changer. The new Core chips, already codenamed Broadwell E, are a next-generation processor with 10 Cores. This chip is believed to be…

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VR Tour to Pluto

Portable VR Takes You on a Tour to Pluto

In case you are unaware, fasten your seat belt and get your Google Cardboards ready, because it’s time to take a 3D direct trip to Pluto. Portable VR Makes Trip…

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samsung fb

Which 2 Companies Will Rule the Virtual Reality World?

Moving along the next few years, virtual reality will expand out into a business well worth $70 billion, higher than a projected $6.7 billion this year, and establish over 170…

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Virtual Reality in a desktop

How A Desktop Will Look With Virtual Reality

Quality desktops that have the ability to support virtual reality are ready to be sold to customers. Like how skydiving has been demonstrated, consumers will use this rift for powerful…

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best google apps and games - wareable 2

12 Best Alternative Apps to Google Cardboard

Although Google Cardboard allows you to turn any Android phone into a virtual-reality headset, the apps found within are relatively limited and can get boring quickly. Here are some favorite…

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is Still Foreign
 to Many

VR is beginning to catch on and heat up across the world with companies and new potential customers. There are still many skeptics though considering VR is foreign to many….

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vr real estate

Buy Home Overseas Without Going Overseas 

The travel industry is set to experience a wave of virtual reality innovations. Sherry FitzGerald is an estate agency in Ireland. The company is using VR to show potential home…

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Platform Allows Ordinary People to Build VR Games

Voxelus is a platform that allows people to build, share and play their own virtual reality games. The company launched in 2015 at the Oculus Connect 2 conference. Their goal…

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