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GoPro is Finally Shipping its Massive Professional VR Rig

The 16-camera virtual reality rig that GoPro designed with Google have eventually shipped following months of delay. GoPro tells The Verge that Odyssey, as it is known, has reached the…

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GoPro and Google’s Odyssey VR Rig is Now Shipping

The GoPro Odyssey, a high end virtual reality camera which was unveiled more than a year ago is finally available for consumers. Companies that participated in the beta program of…

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Vrse CEO Talks Citizen Kane and Virtual Reality

  “Citizen Kane does not come in year two of VR.” Chris Milk, the esteemed virtual reality filmmaker/documentarian/founder/CEO, discussed the limitations and the massive times of potential for the proliferation…

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vr gear

Are You Ready for VR and is VR Ready for You?

  Virtual reality gear is still very expensive and it isn’t wise to go all out in purchasing these devices if you are not sure if it’s for you or…

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virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality Hits Android

  It’s one thing to have a key in your hand, but it’s another thing when you have the ability to unlock new words and experiences with that key. Android…

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google cardboard

IPhone VR Apps and Games

IPhone high resolution display forms the most important part of a VR headset and all you need is a pair of goggles strapped to your head is all you need…

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Ethiopian Clean Water Scheme In Virtual Reality-the source com

Get To Know About The Ethiopian Clean Water Scheme In Virtual Reality

In parts of the African continent and many other places, getting clean water can be a crisis. This is evident in a northern Ethiopian community gazetted in the new virtual…

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