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Tata Motors Uses VR for New Marketing Campaign

About 23 readers of a big daily newspaper in Bangalore and New Delhi, Mumbai received a virtual reality kit along with a four page document talking about Tiago, Tata Motors’ newest product.


The company didn’t say how much money they spent on this marketing campaign


A spokesman for Tata Motors, said, “We have seen in the past, that creating clutter breaking consumer experiences give an ROI which is 5-6 times higher than that of normal advertising. This innovation also falls in that category. All our marketing campaigns work on a philosophy of fresh consumer experiences and the highest of ROI. Print has been an important part of our media mix & we measure print ROI, especially when it comes to innovations & creating experiences on various parameters.”


Lodestar Universal is the media company that created the print ads for Zest, Bolt and Tiago. A senior official from Lodestar Universal said that they get good results with their print campaigns that they have created for Tata Motors.

The official, Netram, said, “Tata Motors is very ROI driven and they have won’t do such an ad without ROI.”

They’re putting together a speedy marketing strategy for Tiago all while the virus Zika was alarming the world.

Tata Motors already released a trailer video with the Argentinian soccer player, Lionel Messi with the name Zica. However, Tata Motors quickly changed their name after the Zika virus spread.


The company released it’s new name in India this past March.

Tata Motors has used print campaigns in unique ways previously to promote their cars. In 2015, with Bolt and Zest, they put a car key and a loyalty card glued to the paper. Each key had a bar code that registered people to have a chance to win Zest’s base model. And for Bolt, if you showed the card a showroom, you would be able to test drive the car and potentially get a free trip to England. The company received 10,000 bookings in just it’s first two weeks of that promotion.

Watch the video below



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