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The Best VR and Google Cardboard Apps and Games

best google apps and games - wareable

Google Cardboard and VR have one of the latest platforms for totally immersive games and apps and that show you all kinds of stuff and let you do all kinds of things.

Some of the best VR and Google Cardboard apps and games available now include:


1) ARTE360 VR

ARTE360 VR play dot google dot com
A video application that shows you some of the beautiful places in VR goodness.

2) BombSquad VR for Cardboard

bombsquad youtube
An arcade game with platformer elements. This is where you must avoid all bombs.

3) Caaaaardboard

caaaaardboard play mob org
A game which involves you diving off buildings while performing stunts.

4) Cardboards

cardboards play dot google dot com
An app that has tours that are guided to places like the Earth.

5) Cardboard Camera

cardboard camera indianexpress com
This app allows you to take photos with your device for viewing on Google Cardboard.

6) End Space VR

end space vr for cardboard play mob org
This is a first person flight shooter. You pilot a space ship and shoot down the other space ships.

7) Fulldive VR

fulldive vr play google com
A directory of VR content found on the web showing content from YouTube.

8) Hardcode

hardcode play google com
This is a third person shooter. You march through a campaign and kill lots of bad guys.

9) Insidious VR

insidious youtube
A promotion for the Insidious movies.

10) Sites in VR

virtual reality shop
Various country landmarks done beautifully in VR.

11) Sundance VR

Sundance VR tomshardware
Has a lot of VR videos from New Frontier.

12) Titans of Space

titans of space forums oculus com
A tour that is guided application that shows you around the solar system.

13) Vrse

Vrse businesswire
A story-telling application.

14) WAA! VR

wawandroid com
An adventure game where you play as a little astronaut.

15) YouTube

Youtube VR
YouTube has added VR-enabled videos for use with VR headsets.



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