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The Language of VR Needs Touching Up

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There’s a lot of buzz around virtual reality. Many are saying virtual reality is the “Next Big Thing”. It’s supposed to disrupt our lives and hit several sectors.

As of now there are a few main development areas in regards to virtual reality. Those are gaming and video. There of course are many other areas being explored as well, but the majority of the current focus is around gaming and video.

Virtual reality for gaming has a lot more complex hardware and software but a lot of people think that if VR is going to go mainstream, it needs to have a real focus on the video space as well.

Some recent experiments include the Facebook 360 Videos and the Google Cultural Institute.

As of now, VR video doesn’t have a uniform visual language as for the camera angles, editing techniques, vocabulary of cuts, etc. That’s holding VR back from being more mainstream.

VR is still in it’s infancy though. VR executives and entrepreneurs are trying to figure out the best way to display info and tell stories with a fully immersive view.

The language problem is a problem that many game developers are paying attention to. Job Stauffer, Head of Creative Communications for Telltale Games, said, “At Telltale, we operate in what we refer to as the language of cinema…If you look at VR and the language of presence, it’s another totally different language. So for us to translate everything we do from the cinematic language to the language of presence, it’s a whole new ball game.”

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It’s not easy to say exactly what the best language of virtual reality will really be. Over the next few years though, it’s likely that the language will take shape.

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