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The Voice Behind VR Game “Eve: Valkyrie”

roadtover eve valkyrie

Oculus is planning on giving consumers who purchase their Rift headset a free copy of the VR video game “Eve: Valkyrie”. On that video game is the voice of Katee Sackhoff. Katie has been beloved by Sci-Fi fans since her first role as Starbuck in “Battlestar Galactica”.

Katee said, “I felt this responsibility to make my character in this game as cool as possible”.

the voice of katee Sackhoff

Before she was approached for this role, she had no experience with VR. Presently, she has her own Oculus Rift and loves playing the game, “Eve: Valkyrie”. Katee did note that before it hits the mainstream it may be a while not only because of the price but also because “For Rift, people will have to have a strong enough PC to handle it.”, said Katee.


Watch the video below




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