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There’s Now a Small Headset, Unlike Google Cardboard

google and dodocase cardboard

Google Cardboard is awesome as it brings virtual reality to pretty much anybody that wants to experience virtual reality and doesn’t have a lot of money to spend.

google cardboard (2)

The bad part about it is that frankly, it looks absurd as most Google Cardboard versions are overly bulky or not easy to fold.

cardboard 10 1409235749 lwaW column width
Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit by DODOcase alternate

Meet Dodocase, a company that specializes in making accessories for Apple devices whose also releasing their own VR headset, SmartVR. It folds up to the size of an iPhone 5 and is a very practical headset selling for only $28 pre-order and $40 once pre-order is over.

Watch the video below




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